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GP recruitment and the impact on appointments Posted on 27 Jun 2018

This is to advise you of the difficulties we are currently facing with regard to GP recruitment and the affect it is having on accessing appointments.

Dr Aggarwal is currently on maternity leave until the end of the year, Dr Cox and Dr Flora Kyriakou are therefore currently covering the surgery in her absence.

The Practice has invested a considerable amount of time and money attempting to recruit suitable GPs to enable us to continue to maintain our high standards and offer our patients a service to be proud of.  It is important to the Practice that we maintain our family values so recruiting the right type of GP who will work to our ethos, is also important

On a typical day a GP will see approximately 20 face to face patients, speak to 21 patients on the telephone. On top of that they make home visits and visits to nursing homes, attend meetings and training updates and work through an extraordinary amount of paperwork which includes post consultation follow up including hospital referral letters, scrutinising incoming clinical letters, reviewing lab test results and checking and signing prescriptions. A simple mistake with any one of these could be potentially dangerous.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a high standard of patient care and access with the challenges we are facing with recruitment of clinicians.

How you can help?

  • Use our service appropriately.  For minor ailments you do not need to see a GP/Practice Nurse, you can speak to one of the Community Pharmacists for advice on how to self car
  • Only request an appointment or a telephone call back if appropriate and a home visit if you are genuinely housebound
  • Please cancel an appointment if you no longer need it, with as much notice as you can
  • Please don’t shout at our staff! They are doing the best job they can with the resources available to them

Thank you for your understanding. We have always felt very lucky that our patients are so supportive of the surgery and we hope that keeping you in the picture gives you an insight into the challenges we are currently facing.

Yours faithfully

Dr Neetika Aggarwal, Dr Flora Kyriakou, Dr Gareth Cox,
Mrs Lorraine Stratulis, Practice Manager

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